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Sight glass and Acid testing - HVAC Online Training and Courses

In this video, I described the purpose of a sightglass and what technicians use it for. I also described acid testing of a system and some things you should know about contamination in a system. For more information go to
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Danfoss launches SGP sight glass

The solution Danfoss is now bringing to the market is based on our customers' needs for higher pressure components. The reliable and well-known design is engineered to reach up to 52 bar Maximum Working Pressure. On top of this, the Danfoss SGP sight glass offers easy viewing of refrigerant state with enhanced light reflection. SGP is also suitable for R410A, R32 \u0026 subcritical R744.

How to install a sight glass | Homebrew equipment (HERMS)

In this video, we show you where and how to easily install a 2.5" sight glass on your homebrew equipment. it is pure INDULGENCE and looks awesome! If you have any questions just ask in the comments. Cheers!

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Thanks to the artists who created their amazing sounds featured in this video

Arc De Soleil – Jam on Easter Island
Pro Reese – Red Head


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