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HI9147 Dissolved Oxygen Meter for Aquaculture

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HI 9147 Portable Water Resistant Dissolved Oxygen Meter

SMART SENSOR Digital Dissolved Oxygen Detector Dissolved Oxygen Meter

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Want to know whether the dissolved oxygen value of water is up to the standard? If so, this pen-type dissolved oxygen meter is what you need. Designed and made with imported components and sensor with high sensitivity and accuracy. Dissolved Oxygen Meter is widely applied in industry, electrical and agriculture, medicine, food industry, quality of drinking water, etc.

Test the DO(dissolved oxygen) value and temperature(℃/℉) of water.
Large battery capacity, bulit-in 3.7V/1000mAh lithium battery.
Pen-type intelligent dissolved oxygen analyzer, portable and easy to carry.
Facilitate the user to carry on-site operation to display dissolved oxygen values and temperatures.
Pocket size, lightweight with backlight \u0026 large LCD display for clear and easy reading.
ATC function (automatic temperature compensation), fast response time and automatic calibration.
Apply in soil-free growing, aquarium, swimming pools, freshwater culture, mariculture, beverage factory, wastewater treatment plant, laboratory, etc.

How to: Set up and use the HI9146 Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meter

Learn how to set up and get your portable DO meter from Hanna Instruments measuring dissolved oxygen quickly.




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