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Заправка картриджа ML-3050B ML-3470B

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How to remanufacture toner cartridge for Samsung ML 3470, ML 3471, ML 3050, ML 3051, ML-D3470B, ML-D3050, ML-D3470A, MLT-D2082S/ELS, SCX 5530, 5635FN, 5835FN - Xerox Phaser 3435, 3428, Workcentre 3550.

Samsung MLD-3470, MLD-3050, MLT-D2082 and Xerox cartridges are the same, with the same remanufacturing instructions, but the chip is different.
There are 2 cartridges available for these machines.
The Low Yeld is rated for 4,000 pages.
The High Yield is rated for 10,000 pages.

Required Tools and materials
-screw driver
-Needle nose pliers
-Samsung ML-3470 Toner (250g for HY cartridges and 125g for LY)
-Chip (HY or LY)
-Drum (Optional)

Printing Test Pages:
Press "MENU" button until "Information" appears on the printer display.
Press Scroll Button until "DEMO PAGE" appears on the printer display
Press "OK" button.

Configuration page
Press "MENU" button until "INFORMATION" appears on the display of the printer.
Press Scroll Button until "CONFIGURATION" appears on the display.
Press "OK" button.

Repetitive Defect:
Drum 75.5mm (Cartridge)
Charge Roller 37.7mm (Cartridge)
Developer Roller 35.2mm (Cartridge)
Lower Fuser Roller 62.8mm (Printer, Back of page)
Transfer Roller 47.1mm (Printer, Back of page)
Upper Fuser Roller 77.8mm (Printer)

Expected printer part life:
Transfer roller 70000 pages
Fuser unit 80000 pages
Pickup roller 150000 pages

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